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Young Virtuosi

12. December 2013
7.30 pm
Knight's Hall, Križanke

Eva Vrtačnik, oboe
Nika Tkalec, piano
Davorin Mori, piano
Janez Uršej, saxsophone
Jeongwoon Andreas Sim, piano


G. Ph. Telemann: Fantasia 8
R. Schumann: Adagio & Allegro
A. Dorati: Duo concertante for oboe and piano
J. S. Bach: Chromatic fantasy and fugue 8 in D minor, BWV 903
A. Scriabin : 5 preludes, Op. 74
P. Hindemith: Suite 1922
C. Franck: Sonate for violin and piano, arr. for alto saxophone and piano

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Free entrance

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