Voca People

19. July 2018, 21.00
Congress Square
35, 29 €


Voca People are a group of friendly aliens from the planet Voca, where all communication is based on music and musical expression. Voca People believe that „life is music and music is life”. Running low on the musical energy they need to power their spacecraft, they crashland on Earth after a long space voyage. They discover that they can use the music of Earth’s inhabitants as a power source. With the help of the audience, they will recharge their ship for their journey back to the planet Voca. The group was founded in 2009 by the awardwinning comedian and author Lior Kalfo. Musical arrangements are by Shai Fishman. Their first YouTube video gained more than five million views in just four months and together their videos have generated more than 50 million views to date. They combine a cappella singing with modern beatbox techniques and create a unique „out-of-this-world” sound that is irresistible. They promise an evening full of energy, humour and fun that all fans of music can enjoy. Eight outstandingly talented singercomedians will take us on a musical journey with no musical accompaniment or sound effects. Pure vocals.

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