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Vlado Kreslin with guests

25. August 2017, 20.30
29, na dan 35€

Vlado Kreslin

Guests: Dražen Turina – Šajeta in Vokalna skupina BeleTinke

Vlado Kreslin is like a magic realist painter in his performances, words and melodies. Everything has a real or realistic basis but is assembled and shaped into metaphors in which we may discern both the local colourings of his native Prekmurje region and personal moments shaped by experience or otherwise selected. I do not know the source of the songs and melodies in Kreslin’s creative process, but they give the appearance of being very spontaneous in their basic outlines. Refinements then appear with the accumulation of capital, in other words experience and knowledge, the essential musical fibre that our jubilee celebrant undoubtedly has, or he would not have been able to perform for so many years and in such a convincing manner that many listeners come to the Križanke Summer Theatre year after year to sing along with him on the stage or even on their own.

Marijan Zlobec on Kreslin’s concert at the Ljubljana Festival, Križanke 2016

* Ljubljana Festival discounts do not apply to the concert by Vlado Kreslin

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