10. June 2017

What genius decided to have exams in the springtime?

In spring, when the sunshine starts to sparkle, all nature is dressing itself in seductive colours and love is in the air, the poor school-leavers are forced to bury their heads in their books and cram for the great test of knowledge and maturity… and forget about all the beauty outside. But our three heroes are sure there is an easier way to succeed in the exam, and the short cut to success involves Hyperbola, the daughter of their strict maths teacher, Professor Cosine. If they can only win her heart, they’ll be able to get their hands on the exam papers – this is the formula they come up with, but what happens if our three bright sparks put the wrong unknown into their equation? The girl who turns up for the date isn’t the girl they thought was the teacher’s daughter. The consequences of this sweet error are the thread from which the story of Vesna – adapted from Slovene cinema’s first romantic comedy – is woven.

The new musical is the work of the proven creative team that brought the hit musical Blossom in Autumn to the stage three years ago: composer Matjaž Vlašič, director Vojko Anzeljc, librettist Janez Usenik, choreographer Miha Krušič and producer Gorazd Slak.


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32, 27€