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The Slovenian Philhamonic String Chamber Orchestra with Guests

27. July 2015, 20.00
Slovenian Philharmonic
14 €

The Slovenian Philhamonic String Chamber Orchestra
Zagreb Soloists


S. OSTERC: Religioso
M. BRUCH: Concerto for String Orchestra
R. STRAUSS: Metamorphosen

The Slovenian Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra invited the Zagreb Soloists to the first of its five concerts. They began collaborating in 2013, which was when they celebrated their respective 20th and 60th anniversaries. Together they played two pieces in their capital cities and left the editor at the Record and Publishing Label RTV Slovenia rapt. As a result, the two concerts were released on a CD entitled Battalia. In the introduction, Dr Ivo Josipović, the composer and then-president of Croatia, cited the words of Maestro Lorin Maazel: “I have always believed that the arts, per se, and their exponents, the artists themselves, have a broader role to play in the public arena. But this must be entirely apolitical, nonpartisan, and free from issue-specific agendas. It is a role of the highest possible order; bringing peoples and their cultures together on common ground, where the roots of peaceful interchange can imperceptibly but irrevocably take hold.”


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