The Queen’s Six

6. February 2019, 19.00
Union Hall, Grand Hotel Union
49, 39, 19 €



Daniel Brittain, Tim Carleston, countertenors
Nick Madden, Dominic Bland, tenors
Andrew Thompson, Simon Whiteley, baritones / basses

Q6 2017 (PS Edit)--3


Trad. English, arr. T. Byram-Wigfield: Dance to Your Daddy
Trad. English, arr. A. Plant: The Water of Tyne
Trad. English, arr. J. Whitworth: The Mermaid
P. King and P. Francis Webster: The Mood I’m In
P. Mccartney, arr. S. Carleston: Here, There and Everywhere
The Beach Boys, arr. S. Carleston: God Only Knows
Imogen Heap, arr. S. Whiteley: Hide and Seek 
Nirvana, arr. S. Whiteley: Smells like Teen Spirit 
W. Shanklin, arr. P. Hart: Chanson D’amour
C. Trenet, arr. S. Whiteley: La Mer 
Trad. English, arr. Daniel Brittain: Raggle Taggle Gypsies
Trad. English, arr. Simon Whiteley: Amazing Grace 
Trad. English, arr. R. Bowen: What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor?
I. Berlin, arr. R. R. Bennett: Blue Skies
A. C. Jobim, arr. S. Carleston: Wave
Ben E. King and M. Stroller, arr. M. Delisser/S. Whiteley: Stand By Me
S. Wonder, arr. T. Carleston: Isn’t She Lovely
M. Jackson, arr. T. Carleston: Thriller 
Bacharach/Perren/Fekaris/Jabarra/Schaffer, arr. S. Whiteley: Say a Little Prayer to Survive When It’s Raining Men

Winter festival

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