The Immaculate / Immaculata

After the Testament of Mary by Colm Tóibín

18. July 2017
Slovene National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana

Hommage  à Tomaž Pandur

Livija Pandur and Branko Jordan have made a selection from Tomaž Pandur’s artistic opus, together with a list of awards and bibliographic data. Ivo Svetina in his article Dr. Heinrich Faust:”The beauty shall be my undoing” discusses Pandur’s understanding of the theatre as a space of dreams, and tries to answer the question, why the great stories and mythological themes constantly occupied Pandur, arguing that: “Tomaž Pandur was Faust. At the cost of his life, he wanted to say the ineffable, to portray the other intangible dream, and yearn for a different world.” Svetina also answers the question why Pandur found his theatre domicile in Spain, which, together with the Middle and South America, represents a frame of “secular mysticism” and “magic realism”. Livija Pandur in the beginning of her article states that “Immaculata is the performance that we started to adapt from Colm Tóibín’s novel a year ago for the Maribor Slovene National Theatre, weaving together fourteen thought-scapes, an altar of love, of loss, of solitude, of the search for meaning in wounds that never heal”, then she continues with reflections of Mary and women throughout the history. “The clamor of history is made from their silences. In this silence today, Mary tries to remember some of the words, faces and parts of the story. Mary, who boldly challenged all great and sacred ideas. This is how she kept them. Because ideas die if they are not challenged.”

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