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The Belarusian State Dance Company Haroshki

2. July 2013, 20.00
29, 19 €

The Belarusian State Dance Company Haroshki
Pop-rock projekt

Jevgenij Oleinik, Producer, Songwriter, Guitarist
Julija Bikova, Songwriter, Vocalist

We will be welcoming again the excellent dance company from Belarus, established by the state laureate Valentina Gayevaya back in 1974. The picturesque performance of this ensemble is based on folk dances. The young and ambitious dancers combine their special relation to folk tradition with high criteria of choreographic requirements, excellent dance technique and particularly charming elements of national character. The repertoire of the Belarusian State Dance Company Khoroshki consists of a unique historical programme. Polotsk manuscript was inspired by the Renaissance and it is based on the music of 16th – 17th centuries. It revives Renaissance paintings, old tradition of falconry, cheerful festivities and many other Slavic traditions.

The programme, entitled as Aura, is written and performed in the pop and rock style. The authors, Eugene Oleinik – producer, songwriter and guitarist – and Julia Bykova – songwriter and vocalist – are well known both in Belarus and abroad. Unlike other artists, Oleinik and Bykova sing mostly in Belarusian. Their songs are mainly based on folk music, which they complement with modern compositional approaches, and folk instruments, which they tend to use as well. The result is a perfect symbiosis of a modern pop and rock style, strong Julia’s voice, Belarusian instruments and beautiful melodies.

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