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25 Years of Festival Hits

21. June 2016, 21.00
Congress Square
39, 29, 19, 9 €

RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra and Big Band with guests

Festival songs that have marked the 25 years since Slovenia became independent

You will be able to hear popular hits from the Slovene song festival Slovenska popevka, the Eurovision selection contest EMA, and the pop festival Melodije morja in sonca (Melodies of Sea and Sun). The programme will include live performances of favourites such as Za prijatelje (For Friends), Tih deževen dan (A Quiet Rainy Day), Energy, Prisluhni mi (Listen to Me), Lahko noč Piran (Goodnight Piran), Solinar (The Saltworker), Mi ljudje smo kot morje (We People Are Like the Sea), Če je to slovo (If This Is Farewell), Letim (I Fly), Ko mene več ne bo (When I’m Gone), Življenje je (La vita è bella) (Life Is (La vita è bella)), Šopek maka (A Bunch of Poppies), Belo nebo (White Sky), Zbudi se (Wake Up), Bodi srečen (Be Happy), Bambino and many others.

These popular Slovene hits will be performed on the gala concert’s grand stage by Nuša Derenda, Alenka Godec, Tanja Ribič, Anika Horvat, Helena Blagne, Katrinas, Eva Boto, Trio Eroika, Slavko Ivančić, Marko Vozelj, Andraž Hribar, Faraoni, Anžej Dežan, Cole Moretti, Prifarski Muzikanti, and others, with orchestral accompaniment directed by Patrik Greblo.

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