Conductor: Luis Gorelik

19. July 2016, 20.00
Slovenian Philharmonic
39, 29 €

Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra

Conductor: Luis Gorelik



L. van Beethoven: Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67
L. van Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 5 in E flat major “Emperor“, Op. 73

The famous opening motif of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is one of the best known and most frequently quoted themes in all of classical music. Though the symphony was not well received on its first performance in December 1808, it took its place among the great works in 1810 following a highly positive review by the eminent critic E. T. A. Hoffman and soon became part of the standard symphonic repertoire. It is still performed regularly today. Beethoven began composing his Piano Concerto No 5 in 1809. Unlike its predecessors, this concerto was not premiered by the composer himself. Beethoven’s growing deafness was probably also the reason why the Emperor Concerto, as it is known, would be the great composer’s last piano concerto. Bringing the work to the Ljubljana Festival stage is the Macedonian pianist Simon Trpčeski, who in recent years has performed with numerous prestigious orchestras. He is particularly active in England, where he is a regular guest of the principal orchestras in London, Birmingham and Liverpool. The orchestra will be directed by the Argentine conductor Luis Gorelik, who has already worked with the Slovenian Philharmonic on a number of occasions.

*Simultaneous purchases of tickets for Denis Matsuev (4 or 5 July) and Simon Trpčevski qualify for a 20% discount.

**Simultaneous purchases of tickets for Denis Matsuev (4 and 5 July) and Simon Trpčevski qualify for a 30% discount.





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