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Michael Martin Kofler, flute
Martin Belič, flute
Stephan Kiefer, piano

2. August 2017, 20.00
Križevniška Church, Križanke

Michael Martin Kofler, flute

Martin Belič, flute

Stephan Kiefer, piano


C. P. E. Bach: Trio Sonata for two Flutes and Continuo in D minor
T. Böhm: Andantino in D major »La Serenata« for Flute Alto Flute and Piano, Op. 39
T. Böhm: Andante grazioso in A major “La Pesca“ for Flute Alto Flute and Piano, Op. 38
F. Doppler: Andante and Rondo for two Flutes and Piano, Op. 25
T. Böhm: Souvenir des Alpes No 5, Op. 31
T. Böhm: Andante for Flute and Piano, Op. 33
F. Kuhlau: Trio for Piano and two Flutes in G major, Op. 119

This concert of flute music centres around works by a composer who played a key part in the genesis of the modern flute. Theobald Böhm was himself a flautist with a remarkable gift for innovation. Having already developed a conical-bore flute, in 1847 he introduced the cylindrical-bore flute, of the type we are familiar with today. He made significant contributions to the sound and playing technique of the flute, increasing the size of its tone holes and inventing a system to cover the holes by means of a finger plate mechanism that was soon adapted for the clarinet and oboe as well. Playing the flute this evening are the well-known Austrian flautist Michael Martin Kofler and the acclaimed young Slovene flautist Martin Belič. Both are members of the Munich Philharmonic. Accompanying them on the piano will be Stephan Kiefer, a member of the Radio Filharmonisch Orkest from the Netherlands.

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