15th Anniversary of Pavel Mihelčič

28. August 2017, 20.00
Knight's Hall, Križanke

The MD7 Contemporary Music Ensemble has been led by composer and professor Pavel Mihelčič at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana ever since 2001. The ensemble consists of seven excellent Slovenian instrumentalists, who have all gained acclaim both at home and abroad. In most cases, the ensemble and its musicians perform the compositions, written and dedicated specifically to them. The musicians are also able to play in different combinations within the given ensemble. The creation of the ensemble itself already dictated as invitations as well as commissions of (new) works, both at home and abroad. The response was great, as well as the immediate demand for the ensemble’s appearences abroad. Among the numerous national and international composers that have written for the ensemble so far are Lojze Lebič, Ivo Petrić, F. Bousch, Z. Jeney, A. Laporte, J.-L. Darbelley, S. Bonetti, D. Libin and Č. Sojar Voglar, P. Šavli as well as the MD7′s artistic director and composer Pavel Mihelčič.

J. Golob: Invocation

T. Vulc: Tlesk vode (soloist: Franci Krevh, percussion)

N. Šenk: Obrisi in sence II

S. Lerescu: Sailing

N. Firšt: Violab (soloist: Maja Rome, viola)

P. Mihelčič: Prameni z odsevi* (soloist: Jože Kotar, clarinet)

*first performance of the new version

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