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María Pagés

18. July 2013, 21.00
39, 29 €

Direction, Choreography:
María Pagés

Choreography farruca, alegrías:
José Barrios

José Saramago,
Federico García Lorca,
Antonio Machado,
Miguel Hernández,

J. A. Carrillo,
I. Mun~oz,
R. Lebaniegos,
L. Pastor,
M. Pagés

María Pagés,
José Barrios,
José Jurado,
Paco Berbel,
Rubén Puertas

Ana Ramón,
Juan de Mairena,
Rubén Lebaniegos,
Fyty Carrillo

María Pagés is a great flamenco dancer, who was born in Seville. A member of the Antonio Gades Company at first, she gradually started to pursue her own choreographing career. In 1990, she established her own dance company, with which she has been successfully touring around the world. She is particularly appreciated in the United States of America.
The critics describe her as an exceptional artist, leaving an indelible memory and profound artistic impression on each viewer. »After you’ve seen María Pagés dancing, neither the air nor the Earth remain the same«, wrote the poet José Saramago. Therefore it is not surprising at all that the artist has received an enviable number of artistic awards both at home and abroad. This time the dancer will present her choreography Flamenco and Poetry. »It all started, when I decided to dance to a poem by José Saramago«, wrote the author.


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