Maja Vrbnjak, guitar
Niko Mir, bass trombone

9th Concert of the International Music Cycle

22. February 2018
Knight's Hall, Križanke

Maja Vrbnjak, guitar


T. Takemitsu: Equinox

A. Piazzolla: Cinco piezas

J. S. Bach: Ciaccona form Partita for Violin solo in D minor No 2, BWV 1004


Niko Mir, bass trombone

Milica Dimitrijević, piano


T. Albinoni: Sonata in F major, T. So 28

F. Gräfe: Concert Piece

F. Hydas: Meditation

Maja Vrbnjak (1994) began her musical education with Anja Pirjevec at music school in Maribor in 2003. She continued her training at the Maribor Conservatory of Music and Ballet in the class of Vojko Vešligaj and then at the Ljubljana Academy of Music, graduating in the class of Tomaž Rajterič in 2015 and then completing a master’s degree with him. She spent one semester of her postgraduate studies as an Erasmus+ exchange student in Vienna with Alexander Swete. She began taking part in national and international competitions when still at lower music school. In 2012 she won first place and first prize at the Krško Guitar Days. She regularly participates in guitar festivals in Slovenia and abroad (Sarajevo Guitar Festival, Koblenz International Guitar Festival, Forum Gitarre Wien, Postojna International Guitar Festival, Mikulov Guitar Festival) and attends masterclasses with renowned teachers such as Marcin Dylla, Paolo Pegoraro, Istvan Römer, Carlo Marchione, Alexander Swete, Margarita Escarpa, Adriano del Sal, among others. She is a regular member of the Muliers Guitar Quartet, with which she won first place and first prize at the international Krško Guitar Days competition in 2016. She is also a member of the duo Claro (with Urška Kočar).

Niko Mir began his musical career at Škofja Loka Music School with Igor Maroševič and continued his education at the Ljubljana Conservatory of Music and Ballet in the class of Andrej Sraka. After completing his secondary education, he sat and passed the entrance exam for the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich. Having spent the 2015/16 academic year in the class of Wolfram Arndt, he is currently studying with Benjamin Appel. He has achieved numerous successes at regional and national competitions in Slovenia and also at international competitions. Notable results include two gold diplomas with first places at the Davorin Jenko International Music Competition in Belgrade in 2013 and at Varaždin (Croatia) in 2015. At the last TEMSIG (Young Musicians of Slovenia) competition, he won a gold diploma, first place and several prizes. He has attended masterclasses with noted trombonists including Dušan Kranjc, Uwe Füssel, Jonas Bylund, Stefan Schulz.




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