Ljubljana International Orchestra

Branimir Slokar Academy

4. September 2016
Grand Hotel Union

Ljubljana International Orchestra

Conductor: Živa Ploj Peršuh


L. V. BEETHOVEN: Egmont, Overture

I. STRAVINSKY: Firebird Ballet Suite (1945)

P. I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 6 in B minor, Op. 74

In the Ljubljana International Orchestra, young musicians from approximately 35 different countries receive excellent music education and strive to achieve the highest performance level. The orchestra enables international mobility of musicians in Europe and uses the power of music to encourage international dialogue. The Branimir Slokar Academy supports the orchestra’s long-term development, providing outstanding young musicians with the invaluable experience of playing in a symphonic orchestra and working with distinguished professors, conductors and soloists. The Ljubljana International Orchestra has performed in Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, the United Kingdom and Spain.

The orchestra’s second programme this year consists of a selection of three key works that undoubtedly stay with musicians throughout their lives, from their earliest beginnings to the climax of their professional careers. In them, we can find highs and lows, love, yearning, a hint of magic and Fate – the destiny that watches over us and shapes our lives.


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