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Lado Jakša, piano

13. August 2013, 20.00
Križevniška Church, Križanke
14 €

Lado Jakša, piano

Painted Music, Original Project

Multi-Vision and Concert

The original project of Painted Music features a simultaneous concert of original jazz and ambient music, projected visual art score and modern design multi-vision photography, thus offering a dual aesthetic experience of both inventive audio adventure and artistic photography.
The binding dramaturgy of the message flowing “through” the photographic-visual-art narrative on the artistically inspiring ambiences of Križanke, Ljubljana and Slovenia is supported by an original score, conceived by Lado Jakša and played on acoustic and electronic instruments. The photograph reveals itself at the magical edge of sharpness and unsharpness, shift and slip, unusual views and perspectives, “photogenic and unphotogenic” contents from black and white through monochrome and all over to colour image. In relation to the title “Painted Music” the author also tries to express by means of the photographic image the fluid that is “emanated” by the musician during his playing as well as radiated into the space that surrounds him.

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