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John Malkovich

Alvise Casellati, conductor
I Solisti Aquilani
Lana Trotovšek, violin
Anastasya Terenkova, piano

20. July 2017, 20.00
29, 25 €

Aquilani soloists
John Malkovich
Lana Trotovšek, violin
Anastasya Terenkova, piano
Alvise Casellati, conductor


J. S. Bach: Concerto in a minor for violin, strings and continuo BWV 1041

D. Shostakovich/Rudolf Baršaj: Kammersinfonie op. 110a


“REPORT ON THE BLIND” (Music by Alfred Schnittke “Concerto for Piano and Strings” with the text from Ernesto Sabato’s novel On Heroes and Tombs)

The I Solisti Aquilani are among the most prominent Italian chamber ensembles. They celebrate their fiftieth anniversary next year. We will hear them in Rudolf Barshai’s arrangement for string orchestra of Shostakovich’s String Quartet No 8, known as the Chamber Symphony, after which the Slovene violinist Lana Trotovšek will take centre stage as the soloist in the Bach Violin Concerto. For the second part of the evening the Solisti Aquilani and pianist Anastasya Terenkova will be joined by the famous American stage and screen actor, director and producer John Malkovich, who has appeared in more than 70 films and won many awards. Malkovich is considered to be one of the most distinguished actors of complex, abysmal yet highly intelligent characters. He will add his voice to the performance of Schnittke’s Concerto for Piano and Strings with a careful selection of texts from the chapter “Report on the Blind” from Ernesto Sabato’s novel On Heroes and Tombs.

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