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3. July 2014, 21:00
Congress Square
19, 14, 9 €

VASKO ATANASOVSKI, saxophone, flute

Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra

Production: Association Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra


Triwoledy 1 (V. Atanasovski / V. Atanasovski)
Ne si go prodavaj (Trad. / V. Atanasovski)
Eleno kerko (Trad. / V. Atanasovski)
Midnight summer concerto 1(V. Atanasovski / V. Atanasovski)
Triwoledy 2 (V.Atanasovski / V. Atanasovski)
Zrejlo je žito (Trad. / V. Atanasovski)
Jovano Jovanke (Trad. / V. Atanasovski)
Midnight summer concerto 2 (V. Atanasovski / V. Atanasovski)
Triwoledy 3 (V.Atanasovski / V. Atanasovski)
Kaladijsko oro (Trad. / V. Atanasovski)
Gipsy song (V. Stefanovski / V. Atanasovski)
Midnight summer concerto 3 (V. Atanasovski / V. Atanasovski)

The meeting of two extraordinary legendary musicians, guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski and saxophonist and flautist Vasko Atanasovski, combined with the superb Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra, will definitely be one of the highlights of the 62nd Ljubljana Festival. The two passionate and sophisticated composers create magical musical soundscapes of sun and water, fire and ice.

We will hear the charming, passionate and dreamlike music of both composers, as well as adaptations of Slovenian and Macedonian folk music. Vasko Atanasovski, who was born in Maribor and lives in Slovenia, and is partly Macedonian, is returning to his roots by playing with Macedonian Vlatko Stefanovski.

Standing-room tickets available for 5 € only the day of the event; standing-room-only for children under 14 for free.

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