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Lászlo Bóni, violin
Jenő Lisztes, cimbale
Lászlo Balogh, guitar
Lászlo"Csorosz" Lisztes, double-bass
Kálmán Cséki ml., piano

19. July 2017, 21.00
29, 25€

Evening of gypsy music

Roby Lakatos, violin
Lászlo Bóni, second violin
Jenő Lisztes, cimbalom
Lászlo Balogh, guitar
Lászlo”Csorosz” Lisztes, double bass
Kálmán Cséki jr., piano

Gypsy violinist Roby Lakatos is not only a scorching virtuoso, but a musician of extraordinary stylistic versatility. Equally comfortable performing classical muisic as he is playing jazz and in his own Hungarian folk idion, Lakatos is the rare musician who defies definition. He is referred to as a gypsy violinist or devil’s fiddler, a classical virtuoso, a jazz improviser, a composer and arranger, and a 19th century throwback, and he is actually all of these thing at once. He is the kind of universal musician so rarely encountered in our time – a player whose strength as an interpreter derives from his activities as an improviser and composer. He has performed at the great halls and festivals of Europe, Asia and America. When Roby Lakatos mixes so-called “classical music” with the magic of the Hungarian-gypsy vitality, it does not turn into a disrespectful attitude toward the higher cultural heritage, rahter it reflects the deep tradition rooted in the cultural heritage of the Gypsy people and offers new, refreshing pleasures to the listener and music lover.

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