Accompanyig event of the Slovenian Music Days

10. March 2015, 20.00
Cankarjev dom
12, 9, 6* €

Conductor: Johannes Kalitzke

Sound technician: Volker Bernhart

Nina Šenk: Dreamcatcher, for ensemble (2014)*
Vito Žuraj: Restrung,  for ensemble (2012/13, ordered by the BHF-BANK-Stiftung Fund for the Positionen 2013 festival in Frankfurt) *
Karola Obermüller: Coiling and Swaying, for grand ensemble (2014)*
Hanna Eimermacher:  Überall ist Wunderland, new version for 19 musicians and scene (2014)*
Uroš Rojko: SPOJ II (ordered by the Stiftung Niedersachsen fund and the Ensemble Modern for epoche f) *

* Slovenian premiere

In cooperation with: Goethe Institute Ljubljana, Ensemble Modern, Music Production of RTV Slovenija, Cankarjev dom Ljubljana, Alte Oper Frankfurt, Deutscher Musikrat

Partners:  Goethe Institute Ljubljana, Foreign Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany, Ensemble Modern, Cankarjev dom Ljubljana, Music Production of RTV Slovenija, Alte Oper Frankfurt, Deutscher Musikrat

The price marked with * applies only for persons under 25 and over 65 years of age and for pensioners.

Tickets sale for concert: Cankarjev dom, Information Centre and Box office.

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