Dorotea Senica, flute
Luka Mitev, bassoon

11th Concert of the International Music Cycle

23. March 2017
Knight's Hall, Križanke

Luka Mitev, bassoon

Pandelina Atanasova, piano


R. Boutry: Interferences !

A. Tansman: Sonatine

J.S. Bach: Suite no. 2




Dorotea Senica, flute

Ivan Ferčič, piano


J. S. Bach: Partite in a minor for solo flute, BWV 1013, Allemande in Courante

N. Paganini: 24 Caprices for solo flute, op. 1

P. Taffanel: Fantaisie sur le Freyschutz

L. Berio: Sequenza (I) for solo flute

A. Jolivet: Chant de Linos


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Free entrance
Free entrance