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Conductor: Jesko Sirvend

4. July 2016
Slovenian Philharmonic

Conductor: Jesko Sirvend

 Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra

S. RACHMANINOFF:  Piano concerto No. 2 in C minor, Op. 18
P. I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 5 in E minor, Op. 64


This year’s Festival sees the return to Ljubljana of pianist Denis Matsuev, who will be displaying his brilliance in the piano concertos of Sergei Rachmaninov on two successive evenings. Since his victory at the prestigious International Tchaikovsky Competition in 1998, Matsuev has taken his place among the greatest Russian pianists in history, where Rachmaninov himself of course occupies a special position. The second Piano Concerto by the great Russian Late Romantic is one of his most popular works, with a masterful combination of attractive lyricism and exciting virtuosity. It represented a turning point in Rachmaninov’s oeuvre, since it awakened him from the creative torpor of a period of depression. Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony, with an introductory theme that changes, through the movements of the symphony, from sombre to sunny, is another work that portrays the transformation from obscurity to brightness. Interestingly, the composer originally viewed this score with excessive self-criticism, even seeing it as a drying-up of his creative power. Yet it found favour with audiences and remains one of his most popular works. This evening of powerful emotions poured from the pens of Russian musical giants will be directed by an up-and-coming young conductor, the barely 30-year-old Jesko Sirvend. Last year he impressed the jury at the Malko Competition for young conductors, winning third prize and the audience prize. His performances also convinced the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, with which he has been working for the last two seasons.

* Simultaneous purchases of tickets for Denis Matsuev (4 or 5 July) and Simon Trpčevski qualify for a 20% discount.
** Simultaneous purchases of tickets for Denis Matsuev (4 and 5 July) and Simon Trpčevski qualify for a 30% discount.

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