Pedal piano

16. September 2015, 20.00
Slovenian Philharmonic
25, 19 €

Conductor: En Shao
RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra


W. A. MOZART: Divertimento for Strings in D major, KV 136
W. A. MOZART: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in D minor, KV 466, 1st mouvement: Allegro
World premiere of reconstructed original for pedal piano with pedal cadenza
W. A. MOZART: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in C major, KV 467, 2nd mouvement: Andante
World premiere of reconstructed original for pedal piano
C.-F. GOUNOD: Concerto for Pedal Piano and Orchestra in E flat major, 1st mouvement: Allegro moderato
World premiere on a period instrument
W. A. MOZART: Symphony in G minor, No 40, KV 550

Dalibor Miklavčič is “known as the only artist in the world to play pieces ranging from Baroque to Romanticism on period instruments: the pedal harpsichord and pedal piano. The two instruments differ from the classical instruments we know of today due to the additional 30–40 pedals which add to the richness and powerfulness of the sound. Watching Miklavčič and his virtuosity on the pedals is a true feast for the eye, too. After careful consideration, it became clear that Bach and his contemporaries played the pedal harpsichord, while Mozart, Liszt, Schumann and their numerous contemporaries later played the pedal piano. Over the centuries, the two instruments have slowly disappeared. The quality of the music fascinated Miklavčič to the point that he decided to revive their sound and had them reconstructed. After some time, the pieces played on his instruments finally sounded the way the composers intended. The instruments disappeared for different reasons, one of them being the incredibly challenging process of learning how to play,” as stated, among other things, in the newspaper Delo (Marijan Zlobec, Culture, 2012).

The concert will undoubtedly be a special and delightful occasion for the pianists and other listeners.


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