Blossoms in autumn, musical

23. July 2018, 21.00
Congress Square
32, 27 €

Blossom in autumn, musical

After the novel by Ivan Tavčar

Composer: Matjaž Vlašič
Orchestration: Anže Rozman
Libretto: Janez Usenik
Director: Vojko Anzeljc
Choreography: Miha Krušič
Executive producer: Gorazd Slak
Producer: Miša Stanko

Main cast: Matjaž Robavs/Domen Križaj, Nina Pušlar, Jure Ivanušič, Alenka Kozolc Gregurić

Blossoms in Autumn, the first original Slovene musical, received its premiere performance in 2014. The musical is based on Ivan Tavčar’s story of the same name, written during the First World War and published in 1917 in Ljubljanski zvon, at that time the most important Slovene literary publication. Perhaps better remembered than the original story is the film based on it made in 1973 by director Matjaž Klopčič, in which the two main roles were played by the well-known actors Milena Zupančič and Polde Bibič. The script of the musical sticks faithfully to the original, although a number of elements reflecting the present day have been playfully interwoven into the text. The story focuses on the contrast between town and country life. “Blossoms in autumn” are a symbol of the sincere love of middle-aged Ljubljana lawyer Janez for young peasant girl Meta, which as a result of the latter’s sudden death is fated to bear no fruit, just like autumn blossoms. The voices of well-known Slovene singers whom we are used to hearing in roles of a very different kind will leave no one unmoved.


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