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14. July 2016, 20.00
Cankarjev dom
49,39,29,19 €

China National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre

Producer: Cheng Tao
Production General Supervisor: Yinjiu Wei / Liqiao Xu / Yafeng Zhang / Ning Xu
Chief Director & Choreography: Dexin Kong
Vaibhavi Merchant: Ning Xu
Scriptwriter: Chun liu
Executive Director &Choreography: Weiwei Mao
Visual Director: Dongsheng Ren
Music Director & Composer: Qu Zhang
Costumer Designer: Donglin Yang
Modeling Designer: Lei Jia

Main cast:

Confucius: Siyu Yang 
Consort: Yu Yu 
Duke: Kun Liu 
Courtier: Bin Liu 

The Chinese National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre operates under the aegis of the Ministry of culture of the People’s Republic of China and over the course of its half century of history has staged more than 100 productions. Confucius is a spectacular dance performance based on the story of the ancient Chinese philosopher who lived between the sixth and fifth centuries BC.

The honorary sponsor is the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China H. E. Mr YE Hao.

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