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The Karamazovs, Ballet

10. September 2013, 20.00
Cankarjeva dvorana
49, 39, 29 €

St Petersburg’s Boris Eifman State Ballet Theatre

Choreographer, Director:
Boris Eifman

Based on the Novel by:
F. M. Dostojevski

M. Musorgski,
R. Wagner,
S. Rahmaninov

Set and Costume Design:
Vjačeslav Okunev

»My efforts and aspirations are the theatre, open to emotional experience. I make my world by means of creating the secrets, in which the characters live and work according to my rules. I love my cardiogram and rhythm of my heartbeat, with all its outbreaks, shocks, rises and downfalls, « wrote Boris Eifman, probably the most prestigious Russian choreographer and leader of the renowned St Petersburg’s Academic State Ballet Theatre.
Boris Eifman founded his dance company in 1977. The company, named Leningrad New Ballet at first, was quite a novelty at that time and in fact some kind of an »experimental laboratory«. In the late ninety seventies and early ninety eighties Eifman began to put on stage classic stories, which he enriched with new dance expressions. It was at that time that we also became acquainted with Eifman’s art, as he perforemd then in Slovenia and Cankarjev dom for the first time.
This time the company will present its ballet The Karamazovs, which was premiered in October 1995 with a tremendous success and even Eifman himself claimed that it was his best performance ever.

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