Chamber concert : Ivry Gitlis and friends

Branimir Slokar Academy

29. August 2016
Grand Hotel Union

Ivry Gitlis, violin

Programme: TBA

Ivry Gitlis, one of the last of the ‘golden generation’ of masters during the first half of the 20th century, has played with everyone from Jascha Heifetz to John Lennon. Actually, it would be difficult to enumerate the musicians and artists with whom Ivry Gitlis has worked in the course of his career as a violinist. A violinist who, the moment he draws the bow across the strings of his instrument, makes it seem as if the likes of Austrian composer-violinist Fritz Kreisler or Polish violinist Josef Hassid has been resurrected before us. He is the stuff of these legendary players, who saw music and sound and technique in a completely different way than musicians do today.

His concert of chamber music will gather some finest musicians of Branimir Slokar Academy and violinist Anton Martynov who supports Gitlis on his many musical journeys around the world.

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