C. Orff: Carmina Burana – Opening of the 65th Ljubljana Festival

La Fura dels Baus
Carlus Padrissa, director
Josep Vicent, conductor
Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra

27. June 2017, 21.30
Congress Square
49, 29, 19, 9€

La Fura dels Baus

Carlus Padrissa, director

Slovenian Philharmonic Choir

Vinko Vodopivec Music School Choir

Ave Chamber Choir

Amparo Navarro, soprano, Luca Espinosa, soprano,  Jordi Domènech, countertenor, Carlos Daza, baritone

Josep Vicent, conductor

Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra


La fura dels Baus:

Carlus Padrissa, playwright and stage direction

David Cid, video

Chu Uroz, costume and make-up design

Melanie Schroeder, lighting

Matías Sánchez, lighting tech

Aitzber Sanz in Marian Martí, tailoring

Julio Cámara, technical engineer

Jaume Grau, technical director

Zamira Pasceri, direction assistant

Zamira Pasceri, stage manager

Nacha Delpiano, production

Agencia Camera’s production

The famous cry to the Empress of the World – “O, Fortuna!” – resoundingly opens this year’s 65th edition of the Ljubljana Festival, which for its inaugural evening presents the magnificent staged cantata for symphony orchestra, choir and soloists, Carmina Burana, in a remarkable reinterpretation by the famed Barcelona theatrical group La Fura dels Baus and featuring a huge cast of singers and musicians from all over Slovenia. La Fura dels Baus has designed an exciting Carmina Burana, where through shocking scenes, special effects and even spring fragrances, the viewer is plunged into the strong and visceral music of Carl Orff. A cylinder ten metres in diameter surrounds the orchestra on stage while images, projected on it, illustrate the work. A giant moon, waterfalls, floral ecstasy, a live harvest, wine, water and fire. More than 100,000 spectators have enjoyed this show by La Fura dels Baus all around the world. The reinterpretation of Carmina Burana by La Fura dels Baus continues its tour to Ljubljana.

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