Grease, musical

12. June 2019
39,90, 34,90, 29,90 €

Grease, musical

Producer: Jurij Franko
Director: Jug Radivojević
Lyrics translation and adaptation: Tomaž Domicelj
Text and dialogue translation: Boštjan Gorenc – Pižama
Musical executive: Patrik Greblo
Professional consultant: Simona Vodopivec Franko
Choreography: Milica Cerović
Set design: Aleksandar Denić
Costume design: Tatjana Radišić
Assistant choreographer: Matevž Česen
Chorus master: Tomaž Pirnat

Main cast*:
Saša Lešnjek, Luka Markus Štajer, Janez Hočevar – Rifle, Gojmir Lešnjak – Gojc, Alenka Tetičkovič, Uroš Smolej, Domen Valič, Maša Medved, Mariša Jagodič, Rahela Horvat Toš, Manca Kepic, Tadeja Pavlič, Ana Ferme, Maja Šalamon, Perrine Šmarčan, Melani Mekicar, Katja Škofic, Nika Mlekuž, Tim Lončar, Luka Cvetičanin, Gašper Oblak, Žiga Lukman, Niko Krhlanko, Matevž Derenda, Klemen Mramor

*Prospot reserves the right to alter the cast.

Following the enormous success of the musical Mamma Mia!, which has thrilled audiences around the world, not least in Slovenia, fans of the genre now have the chance to enjoy the Slovene premiere of Grease, the 1971 musical by Jim Jacobson and Warren Casey. The musical’s Broadway run of 3,388 performances in eight years is a record yet to be matched by any other musical. Its huge popularity has made Grease a constant attraction in major theatres around the world and it still holds the record for the number of tickets sold. Its success led to a film version in 1978, with the main roles played by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, at that time both relatively unknown. The story is set at an American high school – Rydell High – in the 1950s and centres on a popular boy, Danny, and a shy girl, Sandy, whose summer romance comes to an end when the new school year begins. All that remains are memories of carefree summer days filled with dancing and singing. The fever of those hot summer nights is brought to the stage by producer Jurij Franko and his Prospot production team with director Jug Radivojević, Slovene dialogue by Boštjan Gorenc (aka Pižama), hit songs adapted and translated by Tomaž Domicelj, the masterful conducting of Patrik Greblo and Milica Cerović’s fresh choreography, bursting with youthful energy.

Ljubljana Festival discounts do not apply to Grease.

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