A. Horozić: Hasanaginica, opera

Sarajevo National Theatre

5. July 2018, 20.00
Slovene National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana
33, 30, 25, 20, 14, 9 €

A. Horozić: Hasanaginica, opera

Sarajevo National Theatre

Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra

Ballet Ensemble and Chorus of the Sarajevo National Theatre

Nijaz Alispahić, libretto
Dario Vučić, conductor
Sulejman Kupusović, director
Edina Papo, choreography
Radovan Marušić, set design
Vanja Popović, costume design

Main cast:
Adema Pljevljak – Krehić, Hasanaginica
Leonardo Šarić, Hasan-Aga
Amir Saračević, Kadi of Imotska
Denis Isaković, beg Pintorović
Dajana Šegvić, Hasanaginica‘s mother
Aida Čorbadžić, Sultanija
Ivan Šarić, Sazlija
Dragan Pavlović, old wedding guest
Ian Valka, Nadin Đipa, Nidal Đipa, children

Hasanaginica is the most beautiful and most frequently translated Bosnian Herzegovinian ballad. Originating in the Imotski region, it was passed on orally from generation to generation. The story of Hasanaginica was first published by the Italian humanist Alberto Fortis in his 1774 book Viaggio in Dalmazia („Travels in Dalmatia”). In 2000 the librettist Nijaz Alispahić used the original text as the basis for an eponymous three-act opera in collaboration with the extraordinarily prolific Bosnian composer Asim Horozić. The story is set in the Biokovo mountains, where the lord (aga) Hasan Arapović lies wounded. Since old customs dictate that he may only be visited by his sister and his mother, his wife Hasanaginica stays at home to look after the children. Hasan is angered by this and, prompted by his scheming mother, has Hasanaginica driven from their home. Her brother Pintorović learns of this and takes his sister to his own home, but she is compelled to abandon her five children. In order to take revenge on Hasan, the brother promises his sister’s hand to the kadi of Imotska. Realising that he has wronged his wife, Hasan retreats into solitude. On her wedding day, Hasanaginica bids farewell to her children. Hasan accuses her of having a heart of stone, an accusation that Hasanaginica‘s fragile heart is unable to bear. The main roles in this Sarajevo National Theatre production are sung by Adema Pljevljak-Krehić (soprano) and Leonardo Šarić (bass).

The duration of the performance is 3 hours, with two intervals.

The honorary patron of the event is Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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