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28. June 2013, 21.00
Congress Square
29 € (Popusti veljajo samo za člane Kluba Festivala Ljubljana. Vstopnice na dan koncerta 34 €.)

In cooperation with Slovenian Philharmonic

One day, two young, very talented cello players and good friends decided almost for fun to put on the web their video clip of the song Smooth Criminal by the legendary Michael Jackson. In just a few days it was viewed by more then tens of thousands of people. Then they received a phone call from Elton John, who invited them to accompany him on his world tour and finally, signed a contract with Sony Masterworks. They flared up in the sky of the music world like meteors and instantly broke the boundaries between the different music genres. »Go and experience them alive, it is downright stunning! I don’t remember any of the event so exciting, since Jimmy Hendrix’s come back in the late ninety sixties«, wrote Elton John.
Luka Šulić, who is Slovenian on his mother’s side and Croatian, on his father’s side, grew up in Maribor. After he had finished his studies in Zagreb, he graduated from the famous Royal Academy of Music in London, with a brilliant soloist career ahead of him. And then the things turned the other way round … Stjepan Hauser, who was born in Pula, has studied in Zagreb at about the same time as Luka. He ended up in Manchester and then came the video clip of the aforementioned Jackson’s song, which turned his life upside down. Today, the two musicians are touring around the world and living an entirely new life.


The programme will be announced later.

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